Mastering Influencer Marketing With Andy Crestodina

*English version

Welcome to my first podcast episode in English. The majority of you may already know that I have a podcast in Romanian but I want to challenge myself, so starting today, I will also be doing interviews in English with marketers, content creators, and other people I admire.

This time around, I will be discussing with Andy Crestodina. Andy is a well-known marketer, speaker, and entrepreneur. A few months ago, I coordinated a project at Bannersnack and decided to involve Andy as well. What we did was ask 300 bloggers, content marketers, and content creators about the way they use visuals on their blogs.

I really enjoyed working with Andy. He truly impacted my professional life in such a powerful way and taught me that I should be good with others and help them whenever I can.

Simple as that.

So when I decided to start my English podcast, I knew right from the start that he’s the first person I wanted to interview. In this episode, I will discuss with Andy about influencer marketing because he knows a lot about how to use this strategy to improve your rankings in search results and also how to build a trustworthy network that can boost your brand.

Here’s the interview.

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